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New dishes
NEW Sandwich California

Sandwich California

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, Chinese cab...
1 700 ֏
NEW Sandwich with Salmon

Sandwich with Salmon

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, Chinese cab...
3 600 ֏
NEW Sandwich Ebi Tempura

Sandwich Ebi Tempura

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, avocado, sh...
2 500 ֏
NEW Unagi tempura sandwich

Unagi tempura sandwich

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, tempura, Ch...
2 600 ֏
NEW Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp Tempura

3 200 ֏
NEW Eel Gunkan

Eel Gunkan

Japanese rice, eel fillet, unagi sauce,...
2 400 ֏
NEW Salmon Gunkan

Salmon Gunkan

Japanese rice, salmon, nori seaweed, ser...
2 300 ֏
NEW Shrimp Gunkan

Shrimp Gunkan

Japanese rice, shrimp, Japanese mayonnai...
2 200 ֏
NEW Croissant with ham Ame

Croissant with ham Ame

ham, lettuce, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes
850 ֏
NEW Croissant with bacon Amour

Croissant with bacon Amour

bacon, lettuce, cheese, cucumber, tomato...
1 200 ֏
NEW Nutella Croissant

Nutella Croissant

Nutella, walnuts
550 ֏
NEW Strawberry Croissant

Strawberry Croissant

cream, strawberry
590 ֏
NEW Bun with boiled condensed milk

Bun with boiled condensed milk

condensed milk, milk, sesame
250 ֏
NEW Bun with raisins

Bun with raisins

raisins, sugar powder
190 ֏
NEW Branded bun

Branded bun

boiled condensed milk, walnuts
350 ֏
NEW Pineapple donuts

Pineapple donuts

pineapple, boiled condensed milk, walnut...
290 ֏
NEW Fruit Granola

Fruit Granola

granola, fruits
1 500 ֏
NEW Quail egg toast

Quail egg toast

quail egg, bell pepper, avocado sauce
1 200 ֏
NEW Fruity Roll

Fruity Roll

Japanese rice, rice flakes, condensed mi...
1 500 ֏
NEW Caesar Roll

Caesar Roll

chicken breast, Gran Spicho cheese, nori...
1 400 ֏
NEW Greek Roll

Greek Roll

cream cheese, dill, cucumber, bell peppe...
1 100 ֏
NEW In Yan Sushi Set

In Yan Sushi Set

California Classic (Japanese shianaki ri...
7 500 ֏
NEW Sushi Set Know How

Sushi Set Know How

Sizmi chicken (Japanese shianaki rice, n...
7 900 ֏
NEW Smoked salmon Sushirrito

Smoked salmon Sushirrito

smoked salmon, nori seaweed, cremette ch...
1 850 ֏
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