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Proper nutrition can be easy and delicious with the balanced and healthy food, presented by Mealo.

Lose weight quickly while eating properly, balanced and, most importantly, tasty.

Get in touch with us, our nutritionists will create a special offer for You, based on your lifestyle, health status, allergies and food preferences.

  • Apples are more effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning.
  • Parsley is great for use as a digestive aid. It is a natural breath freshener, anti-carcinogen, contains three times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and twice the amount of iron as in spinach.
  • Balanced diets can help support and maintain good moods – health studies show that people who follow a balanced diet tend to have better mental health.
Foodetory Food Hall Armenia
New dishes
NEW Fruit Granola

Fruit Granola

granola, fruits
1 500 ֏
NEW Quail egg toast

Quail egg toast

quail egg, bell pepper, avocado sauce
1 200 ֏
NEW Beef Sushirrito

Beef Sushirrito

beef, rice, bell pepper, carrot, arugula...
1 500 ֏
NEW Salmon Sushirrito

Salmon Sushirrito

salmon, mango, carrot, teriyaki sauce, a...
2 800 ֏
NEW Cheese Sushirrito

Cheese Sushirrito

nori, rice, cheese, Chinese cabbage, cuc...
950 ֏
NEW Chicken Sushirrito

Chicken Sushirrito

chicken breast, lettuce, grapefruit, aru...
1 400 ֏
NEW Fruit bowl

Fruit bowl

banana, strawberry, sour cream, cottage...
1 700 ֏
NEW Chickpea and Red Rice Bowl

Chickpea and Red Rice Bowl

chickpea, red rice, zucchini, arugula, c...
1 500 ֏
NEW Salmon and Chickpea Bowl

Salmon and Chickpea Bowl

chickpea, salmon, grapefruit, avocado, a...
2 600 ֏
NEW Salmon salad

Salmon salad

salmon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, lettuc...
2 800 ֏
NEW Healthy Poke Bowl with salmon

Healthy Poke Bowl with salmon

salmon fillet, basmati rice, avocado, re...
4 500 ֏
NEW Healthy Poke Bowl with chicken

Healthy Poke Bowl with chicken

chicken breast, quinoa, avocado, corn, C...
3 500 ֏
NEW Healthy Poke Bowl with quinoa and avocado

Healthy Poke Bowl with quinoa and avocado

quinoa, eggs, bell pepper, arugula, avoc...
3 100 ֏
NEW Oatmeal cookie

Oatmeal cookie

oats, raisins, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, ho...
450 ֏
NEW Vegetable sticks with avocado dressing

Vegetable sticks with avocado dressing

bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, celery,...
1 200 ֏
NEW Freshly squeezed carrot juice

Freshly squeezed carrot juice

1 300 ֏
900 ֏
NEW Detox


Breakfast: avocado, banana, honey, milk,...
7 000 ֏
NEW Club sandwich with avocado

Club sandwich with avocado

toast, avocado, quail egg, lettuce, cher...
2 500 ֏
NEW Fruit toast

Fruit toast

toast, almond cream, banana, seasonal fr...
950 ֏
NEW Pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake

pumpkin, oatmeal, walnuts, raisins, choc...
1 400 ֏
NEW Carrot cheesecake

Carrot cheesecake

carrots, chia, cottage cheese
1 200 ֏
NEW Tomato omelette

Tomato omelette

tomatoes, eggs, fitness bread
650 ֏
NEW Beef toast

Beef toast

beef, tomato, cucumber, avocado sauce
2 100 ֏
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