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Sushi City
Sushi City

Hurry up to get inspired by the delights of Japanese cuisine in the small cultural corner of Foodetory food hall. Wok, rolls, maki, sushi and more various unique dishes are available for the fast and tasty delivery.

Some unique facts about Japanese food:

  • One of the most mind-blowing Japanese food facts is meat being a relatively new thing in Japan.Japanese cuisine was heavily influenced by Buddhist traditions. Because the Buddhists forbid the killing of animals for meat, eating meat aside from seafood was almost unheard of.
  • Japanese cuisine is all about simplicity, presentation, and seasonality.

Foodetory Food Hall Armenia
New dishes
NEW Chicken bao

Chicken bao

chicken bao, flatbread, bell pepper, gre...
750 ֏
NEW Pork bao

Pork bao

marinated pork, flatbread, green onions,...
790 ֏
NEW Tempura Shrimp Bao

Tempura Shrimp Bao

bao flatbread, avocado, bell pepper, gre...
2 800 ֏
NEW Salmon bao

Salmon bao

bao flatbread, salmon, avocado, cherry t...
2 500 ֏
NEW Tuna bao

Tuna bao

bao flatbread, tuna fillet, cherry tomat...
2 500 ֏
NEW Bao with crab sticks

Bao with crab sticks

bao flatbread, crab sticks, cucumber, fe...
890 ֏
NEW Eel bao

Eel bao

bao flatbread, eel fillet, unagi sauce,...
2 200 ֏
NEW Bao Set small

Bao Set small

tuna bao, eel bao, salmon bao, crab stic...
11 000 ֏
NEW Bao Set large

Bao Set large

tuna bao, eel bao, salmon bao, crab stic...
22 000 ֏
NEW Salmon burger salad

Salmon burger salad

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, pink ginger...
3 100 ֏
NEW Eel and shrimp salad

Eel and shrimp salad

Japanese rice, eel fillet, shrimp, avoca...
1 750 ֏
NEW Shrimp tempura salad

Shrimp tempura salad

Japanese rice, Korean carrots, Japanese...
1 400 ֏
NEW Sandwich California

Sandwich California

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, Chinese cab...
1 700 ֏
NEW Sandwich with Salmon

Sandwich with Salmon

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, Chinese cab...
3 600 ֏
NEW Sandwich Ebi Tempura

Sandwich Ebi Tempura

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, avocado, sh...
2 500 ֏
NEW Unagi tempura sandwich

Unagi tempura sandwich

Japanese rice, nori seaweed, tempura, Ch...
2 600 ֏
NEW Shrimp Tempura

Shrimp Tempura

3 200 ֏
NEW Eel Gunkan

Eel Gunkan

Japanese rice, eel fillet, unagi sauce,...
2 400 ֏
NEW Salmon Gunkan

Salmon Gunkan

Japanese rice, salmon, nori seaweed, ser...
2 300 ֏
NEW Shrimp Gunkan

Shrimp Gunkan

Japanese rice, shrimp, Japanese mayonnai...
2 200 ֏
NEW Fruity Roll

Fruity Roll

Japanese rice, rice flakes, condensed mi...
1 500 ֏
NEW Caesar Roll

Caesar Roll

chicken breast, Gran Spicho cheese, nori...
1 400 ֏
NEW Greek Roll

Greek Roll

cream cheese, dill, cucumber, bell peppe...
1 100 ֏
NEW In Yan Sushi Set

In Yan Sushi Set

California Classic (Japanese shianaki ri...
7 500 ֏
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