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Little Lebanon
Little Lebanon

It is all about flavor: spicy, sweet, sour…! From hummus to shawarma, choose your favorite Lebanese food from Little Lebanon.

Facts you should know before eating.

  • Lebanese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world: hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush and other salads have the lowest-fat.
  • World Hummus Day is celebrated every year around the world on May 13th by having Hummus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in restaurants.
  • Falafel became so popular that McDonald’s for a time served a “McFalafel” in its breakfast menu.
Foodetory Food Hall Armenia
New dishes
NEW Pide Pepperoni Chorizo

Pide Pepperoni Chorizo

pepperoni sausage, chorizo, mozzarella c...
2 100 ֏
NEW Pide with sujuk and cheese

Pide with sujuk and cheese

ground beef, cumin, garlic, sujuk bahar,...
1 900 ֏
NEW Lebanese bread

Lebanese bread

yeast dough, strained yogurt, narsharab,...
450 ֏
NEW Ghavurma


beef tenderloin, sweet ground pepper, bu...
2 700 ֏
NEW Beetroot salad Betrot

Beetroot salad Betrot

beetroot, parsley, garlic, olive oil, le...
490 ֏
NEW Chic Sheikh salad

Chic Sheikh salad

chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, bell...
1 600 ֏
NEW Beyti kebab

Beyti kebab

ground beef, mozzarella cheese, narshara...
1 650 ֏
NEW Zaatar rolls

Zaatar rolls

zaatar rolls, zaatar powder, tomatoes, c...
900 ֏
NEW Chicken Chops

Chicken Chops

chicken legs 5 pcs., oregano, saffron, c...
1 500 ֏
NEW Javaneh spicy chicken wings

Javaneh spicy chicken wings

chicken wings 5 pieces, seasoned with ho...
1 200 ֏
NEW Sdr Mlly

Sdr Mlly

chicken breast, ground sweet pepper, bah...
1 350 ֏
NEW Eggplant rolls

Eggplant rolls

eggplant, strained yoghurt, walnut and b...
850 ֏
NEW Tayeb


pita bread, chicken breast, bell pepper,...
1 300 ֏
NEW Toshka


ground beef, pita bread, mozzarella chee...
2 900 ֏
NEW Pide Mafroom

Pide Mafroom

ground beef, mozzarella cheese, bell pep...
1 300 ֏
NEW Pide with mint and cheese

Pide with mint and cheese

mozzarella cheese, mint, sesame seeds, y...
1 400 ֏
NEW Pide Cheese Beirut

Pide Cheese Beirut

mozzarella cheese, parsley, onion, bell...
1 350 ֏
NEW Pide Cheese Aleppo

Pide Cheese Aleppo

mozzarella cheese, parsley, bell pepper,...
1 500 ֏
NEW Mix shawarma

Mix shawarma

beef, chicken, french fries, tomatoes, p...
2 900 ֏
NEW Beef shawarma in a plate

Beef shawarma in a plate

beef, french fries, tomatoes, pickles, t...
2 800 ֏
NEW Chicken shawarma in a plate

Chicken shawarma in a plate

chicken, french fries, tomatoes, pickles...
1 900 ֏
NEW Shish Tawook with rice

Shish Tawook with rice

chicken breast, garlic sauce, potatoes,...
1 500 ֏
NEW Salad Jagykh

Salad Jagykh

strained yogurt, cucumber, dry mint, gar...
950 ֏
NEW Mix Boucher

Mix Boucher

dough, cheese, bell pepper, parsley, pep...
2 900 ֏
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