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  • 1.1 Personal information
  • Foodetory.am collects the below mentioned personal information when receiving an Order from signed

    Customers or from guests:

    Customer's full name;

    Email address;

    Phone number;

    Delivery address;

    Customer's IP address;

    Payment information.

  • 1.2 Methods of collecting personal information
  • Personal information is gathered whenever:

    Customer makes an Order as a guest, without registration

    Customer signs up for making an Order.

    These methods consider that the Customer agrees to provide his/her personal information to the Company. The Company keeps Customer's personal information in a relevant database and constantly updates them whenever new data is provided.

  • 1.3 Purpose of collecting personal information
  • Customer's personal information is collected in the Company's database for the following purposes:

    To inform the Customers about the Order confirmation;

    To contact the Customer for delivering the Order or in case of any issue related to the Order;

    To implement marketing campaigns or send relevant messages to the Customers;

    To improve the quality of service and to ensure smooth operation of the website.

  • 1.4 Transfer of personal information to third parties
  • The company has no right to provide Customers’ personal information to third parties. The company can only provide the delivery address and phone number to the Delivery person for properly delivering the order. The latter is obliged to keep personal data confidential և only to use for timely delivery. Exceptions are the cases defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, as well as those parties who are directly involved in any process under the Terms, for example, banks, accounting companies, companies providing legal services, etc. The latter are not third parties, as they undertake to abide by these rules for the processing of personal data and to maintain their confidentiality, as the Company's employees.

  • 1.5 Customer rights related to personal information collection and editing.
  • Customers have a right to view and edit his/her personal information in the Company’s database. If the Customer is registered on the website, then the required changes of the personal information can be done by him/her in the relevant section of the website. Alternatively, the Customer can notify the Company about the change by a call or sending a message. After receiving a message or a call the Company will edit required information as soon as possible. Customer also has a right to request the Company to delete the collected personal information, if he/she does not want to place orders or participate in marketing campaigns conducted by the Company in the future.

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